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According to a report in Psychological Science March 2010 researchers examined the 1952 Baseball Register photos of 230 Major League Baseball players who started playing before 1950, they found the span of their smile accurately predicted their life span. The players were rated as to “no smile” if they stared blankly at the camera, “partial smile” if the muscles around their mouths were only slightly raised and “full smile” if they had a wide grin, both cheeks raised, which is also known as a Duchenne smile.

As of June, 2009,  the players who were deadpan for the cameras lived an average of 72.9 years, those with slight smiles died at age 75 and those with the most beaming smiles lived the longest — 79.9 years.                                   Of the 230 players, 46 players were still alive.  The results of this study are similar to other studies demonstrating that emotions have a positive relationship with mental health, physical health and longevity,” the study said. So SMILE, you’ll live longer!