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Autumn is here and the year is quickly drawing to a close.  The air is getting cool and crisp, baseball season is in its final days and your dental insurance benefits will be expiring for the year 2012.  That will be money gone forever.  If it goes unused you will be letting it blow away like the autumn leaves.  Please call our office today to schedule your appointment for a cleaning, preventive care or other work you may have been putting off. 

If you have had dental care that has been diagnosed and you choose to put it off, it will not magically disappear.  Usually dental problems, without treatment, just get bigger and worse.  Before you know it, you will have a dental emergency!


Did you know about all of the services we offer here at Dr. Barton’s office?

In addition to all of the routine cleanings, fillings and root canals our dental office offers much more.

-Beautiful crown, bridges and VENEERS


-Conscious SEDATION for those who are more than a little nervous about their dental experience

-INVISALIGN teeth straightening

-Ask us about IMPLANTS

We would like to help you have that beautiful, healthy SMILE you’ve always wanted !