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A tooth that has been significantly affected by a physical defect or cosmetic imperfection can leave you feeling self-conscious about your smile’s appearance. This could cause you to subconsciously alter some of your facial expressions, and leave you wanting for an effective solution.

In a situation like this you should consider scheduling an appointment at Richard Barton DDS’s dental offices. After assessing the nature and severity of the problem, Dr. Richard Barton can help you understand the best option for improving the appearance of your unattractive tooth.

In some of these cases the most effective method for addressing a single unappealing tooth is to replace its enamel layer with a porcelain dental crown. The special dental grade porcelain material can be shaded to mimic naturally white tooth enamel.

This mode of treatment calls for removing the natural tooth enamel. This leaves behind the dentin core of the tooth which will serve as an abutment capable of anchoring the porcelain dental crown.

A member of Richard Barton DDS’s staff will call you to schedule the second appointment when your dental crown is ready. Then it will be cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

If you live in Henderson, Nevada, and one of your teeth needs cosmetic restoration, you should call 702-456-1147 to set up a consultation a Richard Barton DDS’s dental offices.