We have the BEST patients in the world! We would like to thank them for all their kind words!! If you have recently visited Richard Barton DDS for an appointment with our dentist, we invite you to provide a detailed description of your visit. Dr. Richard Barton and our team thank you for allowing us to provide you with quality dentistry in Henderson, Nevada!

So impressed with this office!! The staff is amazing so welcoming, dr barton is patient and sweet, he even came in on a sunday for my mom when she was a new patient. Very experience, very professional, and a great location in green valley!!

-Elle E.

Such a great practice! I’ve been able to work closely with Corrine, and she and everyone else that I spoke with was so helpful, polite, and easy to work with. It’s no wonder their patients are so dedicated to them!

-Laney G.

Went here today for my second cleaning, my first experience with Dr. Barton was back in January of 2011. I’ve been to some horrible dentists and was worried I wouldn’t have another good dentist after leaving Dr. Chew in California when I moved. No more worries after coming to Dr. Barton.

Dr. Barton’s staff is very friendly, they don’t rip your gums to shreds by using dental floss like a wire cheese slicer and they don’t hound me over the fact I refuse to use fluoride toothpaste – they don’t even give me a sample when I leave. I like that because it shows that they’re not trying to force me to use products I don’t agree with using.

Today, the lady making my teeth extra white and shiny was Sharon and she was cool. The last time I went the other cleaners were also friendly. My favorite thing about Dr. Barton was that on my very first visit, he noticed I had a little crevice in my front tooth (My tooth was always malformed) and he filled it in with epoxy and polished it so that both teeth are uniform and flat on the bottom, rather than one looking chipped. He did it for free, without me even asking, which was super nice of him.

Would I go back? Obviously – because I already have my next appointment scheduled.

-Rachel S.

So happy I’ve found my new dentist for life! First time client and wow what a great experience. Debbie did a wonderful job…pleasant, thorough and professional. Then Dr. Barton was just as great. Front desk as well… Every part of the experience was perfect. I don’t write reviews often but your office deserves the praise!

– Amy B.

WOW! I am so impressed with this office.

The dentist is NEVER meant to be at all enjoyable, but this place is great. I walked in and was greeted by Bobby the receptionist. Nicest lady ever! She is very sweet and calm and very down to earth. I also noticed that when I walked in there was nobody waiting! No wait times at a doctors office? Perfect!

So I filled out all my paperwork and as soon as I sat down, Megan the Dental assistant came and got me. Walking into the office, it is BEAUTIFUL. There are no doors in any of the rooms so you don’t feel trapped in a room and the office is so clean and so beautiful

Megan took my Xrays and was very calm and gentle.

Once Dr. Richard Barton came in he sat next to me and started talking to me. He was very kind and very friendly. I felt SO COMFORTABLE with him. He took his time with me and gently examined my teeth. He recommended a few procedures but I never felt any pressure to purchase anything from him.

Finally, Rita the Dental Hygeniest came in and took me to another room to do my teeth. This was a very uncomfortable procedure but she made it very easy for me to bare. She laughed and joked with me and just made me feel very comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for better people!

The dentist is never supposed to be enjoyable but I honestly almost want to come back just so I can experience such great service again!

I will definitely make him my primary dentist for myself and my family.

-P B.

I typically compare most awkward and awful events to a trip at the dentist but not when it comes to Dr. Barton and his fantastic staff!

I have been attending this facility for my dental needs for the past, oh, I don’t know? TEN years and they are the best when it comes to dental care.

If you like a staff that recognizes you every time you come in (even if you’re fairly new), and soft touch when it comes to cleaning and scraping, this is the right place for you!!!

Thank you Dr. Barton and staff for continuing to make my dental experience as “painless” in all aspects of the word, as possible 🙂

-Kim A.

Wow, I can’t possibly say enough good things about this place. I’ve been going here for about 2 years now, and I feel like I’m sitting down with long-lost friends every time I go there. Everyone is so personable and Bobby, the receptionist, must have a mind like a steel trap. She calls me by name when she sees me, remembers to ask how my foot is doing (had surgery over a year ago) and chats with me about Guam (where I lived before I moved here) and seems to remember everything I have ever said in that office. She’s amazing and always makes me feel like a person first and a patient second.

Then there’s Dr. Barton and his assistants. Let me just tell you how my visit today went and you’ll get a feel for how this staff operates. It is Monday right after the 4th of July weekend. I was in a few weeks ago and got 2 temporary crowns put in. After eating like I really shouldn’t have with caramels and what not on vacation over the 4th, BOTH of my crowns fell off. I had an appointment on Wednesday to get the permanent ones on, but I called and left a message for Bobby anyway last night. She called me first thing this morning and scheduled me an appointment for today. I have 3 kids ages 8, 4, and 2 and couldn’t find a last-minute sitter for them so I took them with me. I brought them into the dental room with a couple of magazines and had them look at them while Dr. Barton put on the permanent crowns. My kids are usually well behaved, but wouldn’t you know it, they picked today to act like clowns in a circus. The 2 year old was crawling on the chair, sitting on my lap, and bouncing on my stomach. Dr. Barton assured me that he was fine with that and says with a smile, “Don’t worry, I can hit a moving target.” He assured me several times in the most sincere way imaginable (he has several kids of his own, I’ve learned) that he didn’t mind one bit while the kids dug in his desk drawers, pulled out a bunch of medical gloves, bugged his assistant (who was trying to help work on my mouth) to blow them up into balloons, and then proceeded to squeal in glee as they battered each other with the hand-balloons and then started throwing them around the room, even hitting Dr. Barton a few times. Holy cow, I wanted to strangle them all. They were wild and the only reason I wasn’t completely stressed out by their behavior was because Dr. Barton was TOTALLY FINE with it all. You have to have a few visits and get to know the man. He is a SAINT! 🙂

-Jen B.

For the first time in decades I don’t hate going to the dentist, and it is because of this wonderful office. I have Panic Disorder (not particularly a dental phobia) – and Dr Barton worked with me to find a way to get me through my appointments. He is so kind, and so very, very patient. The office staff is also very, very patient, professional, and understanding. I have never before in my life had such a good experience at the dentist! I am so thankful we found this office.

-G S.

Helpful, they care about their patients and make going to the dentist not such a horrible event. Everyone has such a positive attitude. These are genuine people who honestly want to give the best service and dental treatment.

-Jill Z.

Couldn’t ask for a better care! They have helped me through my dental nightmare and I couldn’t be happier!

-Mary W.