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Are you planning on a tooth extraction soon? What are you going to do afterward? Set up a plan now to help you heal quickly. Listed below are some tips for an effective tooth extraction recovery.

The most crucial step to recovery is to follow Dr. Richard Barton’s instructions and health care guidelines at all times. Dr. Richard Barton knows your specific health needs and can help customize the most effectual recovery plan for you. Our team at Richard Barton DDS wants to ensure all recovery options are done with the greatest of care.

You’ll want to arrange for a ride home after the extraction. Take time to rest, at least until the anesthetic completely wears off. If you have any excessive swelling, use ice packs, or doctor-approved cooling packs. If you are in pain, use any pain medications or antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.

Dr. Richard Barton will give you instructions about your diet. You’ll want to wait a specific amount of time before you eat, and then eat soft foods for a time while your gums heal. If you use tobacco products, quit them completely, or at least give them up for two complete days both before and after surgery.

With good care and attention, tooth extraction recovery can be completed in minimal time. For more information about tooth extraction, please contact us in Henderson, Nevada, at 702-456-1147 to speak with a member of our team.