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According to an online newspaper,, today, August 22th  is National Tooth Fairy Day!   For hundreds of years there have been many stories, myths and traditions in regards to children loosing their baby teeth.  Some cultures believed baby teeth held mystical powers to ward off evil spirits.  They would pay their children for their baby teeth and string them on necklaces to wear for protection or good luck.  This is how the tradition has been passed down to today, where we leave money for our children’s teeth.  Although we don’t see many parents wearing strings of pearly whites!!

Another story tells of a “Tooth Mouse” who scurries around town stealing children’s teeth in the middle of the night.  This story evolved into the “Tooth Fairy” who takes the children’s teeth but replaces the tooth with money and treasures under their pillow.

Its a fun tradition that is still alive and well today.  Many children wake up in the morning to the thrill of finding money under their pillow and their tooth is gone.   Happy Tooth Fairy Day!!